Breed standards: Bylandt (English version)

"Poodle (corded)
General appearance. That of a very active, intelligent, and elegant-looking dog, well built, and carrying himself very proudly.
Head. Long, straight, and fine, the skull not broad, with a slight peak at the back.
Muzzle. Long (but not snipey) and strong -- not full in cheek; teeth white, strong, and level; gums black; lips black and tight fitting.
Eyes. Almond shaped, very dark brown, full of fire and intelligence.
Nose. Black and sharp.
Ears. The leather long and wide, set on low, hanging close to the face.
Neck. Well proportioned and strong, to admit of the head being carried high and with dignity.
Shoulders. Strong and muscular, sloping well to the back.
Chest. Deep and moderately wide.
Back. Short, strong, and slightly curved, the loins broad and muscular, the ribs well sprung and braced up.
Legs. Set straight from shoulder, with plenty of bone and muscle.
Feet. Rather small, and of good shape, the toes well arched; pads thick and hard.
Tail. Set on rather high, well carried, never curled or carried over the back.
Coat. Very profuse, and of good hard texture; if corded, hanging in tight even cords.
Colours. All black, all white, all red, all blue, etc. The White Poodle should have dark eyes, black or dark liver nose, lips, and toe-nails. The Red Poodle should have dark amber eyes, dark liver nose, lips, and toe-nails. The Blue Poodle should be of even colour, without patches of white or black, and have dark eyes, lips, and toe-nails. All the other points of white, red, and blue Poodles should be the same as the perfect black Poodle.
Scale of Points
General appearance 10
Head 15
Eyes and expression 10
Neck and shoulders 10
Shape of body, loins and back 15
Legs and feet 10
Coat 15
Carriage of stern 5
Bone, muscle and condition 10
Total 100

[p. 666?] "Poodle. (Non-corded.)
The non-corded Poodle should resemble the corded Poodle in every respect except:
Coat. The coat should be very profuse, and of hard texture, of even length, and have no suspicion of cord in it, and can be either curly or fluffy.

[p. 670] "Toy Poodle.
The Toy Poodle should resemble the Poodle in every respect, except:
Coat. Often softer and silky.
Height at shoulder. Under 12 inches.
Weight. Under 10 lb.

The headpiece for this section is Achilles and Beauty, breed standard illustrations taken from Bylandt (see above).

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