• Guide dogs, HEDs and special skills dogs


    Guide dogs

    Hearing Ear Dogs (HEDs)

    Special Skills Dogs

    Cancer detection

    Therapy dogs

    The headpiece for this section is taken from Fr. Johann Wilhelm Klein, Lehrbuch zum Unterrichte der Blinden (Vienna: 1819), as reprinted in Nelson Coon, A Brief History of Dog Guides for the Blind (Morristown, NJ: Seeing Eye, 1959; 48 pp., illus.) p. 10. At the time of publication, Coon was Librarian of the Blindiana Reference Library, Perkins Institute for the Blind, Watertown, MA. In Guide dogs, the illustration showing use of a leash in combination with a stick is a detail of "La Fin d'une Triste Journée" by M. Adolphe (1838), Coon, p. 31; detail of the disk "moving picture" (French, ca. 1850) is taken from Coon, p. 38.

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