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The Poodle History Project is indebted to a broad variety of volunteers, all of whose generous contributions are invaluable.

In Hamilton, Ontario, we thank particularly Valerie Thomas of McMaster University's Mills Library's inter-library loan department for meticulous sleuthing in obscure sources, open friendship, and a shared interest.

From Switzerland, Rosa Engler, author of Pudel*, (Cham, Switzerland: Muller, 1995), provided marvellous support particularly by providing Xeroxes of German-language sources. As suggested by Susan Radley Fraser, and from Canada and the USA, Hans Brunotte performed heroic feats, including reading all 800 pages of Karl Lindner's Bibliographie der deutschen und der niederlandischen Jägdliteratur von 1480 bis 1850 (Berlin; New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1976). In France, Anne Saint-Pierre helped with material on the Barbet, and late 19th-century duck hunting near Amiens. Gordon Lasslett of Australia has assumed the on-going task of co-ordinating art-images, a collection jump-started by art-historian Dawn Martinez-Byrne. Grace Blair, founding-president, Versatility in Poodles, Inc., forwarded bibliographical material on the history of malaria in Europe and did other favours.

The Poodle History Project is also indebted to Kathy Albrecht; Margaret Andress; Mariélena Araujo; Helen Armstrong; John Armstrong; Susan Armstrong; David J. Arthur; Lyn Ashman; Gerry Azzata; Susan Baldridge; Marion S. Banta; Linda Anne Bartlett; Rikie Bataille; Roslyn D. Beaman; Sharon Behmann; Heidi Bellamy; Lynne Benson-Colbert; Carole Beresh; Leanne Bertino; Marianne Bischoff; Kim Bloomquist; Jaci Bowman; Melissa Box; Jane Bray; Judy Bray; Tom Bray; Kelvin Britton; Heinz Brockmann; Michael Broffman; Nicholas Broffman; Karen Broomfield; Bill Brown; Donna Brown; Betty Bruce; Lynn Brucker; Kathy Brulée; Katherine Bryce; Edwin Buijsen; Judy Burch; Laurette Burton; John Campbell; Kelly Cassidy; Melissa Charron; Harry Churchill; Marcia Cleveland; Rhonda Clift; Nancy Clifton; Steven Collins; Patricia Comstock; Margaret Cook; Frances Coss; Bryan Crow; Will Crowe; Catherine de la Cruz; Kathleen Cullen; Steve Deger; Dorothy Dehn; Peter Dehn; Lisa Deming; Elizabeth Diestler; Thomas DuBois; Charlene Dunlap; Sally Eller; Margaret English; Sally Evans; Kristi Feltz; Kathryn Miles Fenton; Susan Fleisher; Douglas Flint; Roy Flowers; Erin N. Fogg; Bob Foley; Dudley Fontaine; Kathryn Foran; Carrie E. Ford; Alla Forunina; Marcel Frenk; Frank Fretwell; Gavin Fuller; Lynne Galloway; Betty Garland; Jillian Gartner; Eileen Geeson; Susan Giordano; Elizabeth Glew; Tony Godkin; Jan Gray; Christine Grenci; Jeannette Hagen; Caroline Hair; Philip Harper; Beth Harris; Richard Harris; R. M. Harris; Vickie Haywood; Denise Herman; Jean Claude Hermans; Robin Herrick; Beth Hilborn; Jim Hill; Carol Hogan; Maura Hogan; Donna Holovack; Jane Holzka; Laurel Hood; Andrew Hooper; Candace Hume; Donna Hrynkiw; Georgann Truitt Hughes; JoAnn Hymes; Audrey Hurdle; JoAnn Hymes; Cheryl Ingwersen; Suzanne Carter Isaacson; Lloyd Jarvis; Susan Kelliher; Kate Kelly; Jo Kendall; Anne Kiley; Adele Kirk; John Kim; Barbara Kolk; Karen Korab; Betty K. Johnson and Noel Johnson; Linda Johnson; Margot R. Jorgensen; Eva LaGrisse; Vasilis Lekkas; Cathy Lemp; Cynthia P. Lerner; Tania Libkind; Barbara G. Licht; Edie Loening; Jeffrey Love; Andrea R. Lynn; Leila Marshall; Christine Mattila; Belinda Miller; Deborah Lee Miller-Riley; Michael McCulloch; Brent McGee; C. A. McGinnis; Linda McNair; J. J. McVeigh; Thierry Méchain; Rebecca Merritt; Teresa Myrfield; Eva Marie Mitchell; Constance Mood; Diane Morgan; Annerose Nagel; Tatiana Nagro; Susanne Nash; Barbara Neilson; Franz Neovalis Neulinger; John Norris; Jean O'Connor; Laura Oliva; Emmy Orth (and Milo); Ilaria de Palma; Nancy Parr; Susan Pearce; Terry Pearce; Greg Peddle; Carol Pernicka; Melanie Plohmann; Karin Pohl; Jana Posna; Wendy Preston; Cathy Rainer; Ann Rairigh; Kim Raymond; Tom Reese; Jaana Rinkinen; Gayle Roberson; Emily Robinson; Connie Rodgers; Pat Rose; Barb Rosenthal;Cheryl Rovinelli; Debra Royer; Carlin Sappenfield; Dawn Schatz; Dianne Schoenberg; Catherine de Senneville; Irma J. Shanahan; Dianne Zeifman Shniffer; Andrea Sirott; Cathy Siverns; Christa Skiebe; Joanne Smith; Kelly Smith; Lisa Smith; Rosemary Hughes Smith; Sharon Smith; Steve Soberski; Peter Somerville; Holly Staelens; Penelope Starr; Claudia Straitiff; Roland Stringer; Sarah Stuart; Karin Taylhardat; Barbro Teglöf; Natalie Green Tessier; Roslyn Thomas; Jim Thompson; Betsy Tuttle; Esther Underkofler; Pamela Vaughan; Gloria Walkley; Walter Weber; Mary Jane T. Weir; Hope Welch; Diane Whitehouse; Lynn Wilkes; Lyn Winer; Gina Wieser; Cathi Winkles; Gail Yanek; Jay Yanek; Denise York; Molly Zacher; and Farley Ziegler, who have all added valuable bits and pieces, including lightning-quick German or Spanish translation.

We are indebted to Jerry Chapple for summarization of German sources, provision of references, on-going advice, and for lending his fine voice for the last lines of the Beethoven Poodle-lied (see Poodle Music, a subsection of Poodle Lit. 101), to Nina Chapple, Alex Chapple, and Mala Raynor, for their support in this endeavour; to Steve Chin for material on arrows used in fowling; Andrea Sirott for pursuing material on Pulik; Jan Gray for collecting data on Barbets; Ellen Andersson for special knowledge about Danish wetlands; Jim Smith for special knowledge about early firearms and other much-appreciated items; Ria Vis for special knowledge about Dutch wetlands and local-history material related to Valkenswaard; Hans Kalkman for information about decoy traps in Holland as well as the Wetterhoun and Kooikerhondje; Magnus Skulason for quick-research on goose-traps in Iceland in use until ca 1750; and to Bruce Bachert, Dave Balla, David R. Bray, Bo Hanson, Gerry Hayes, Craig Moody, Joe Olson, Jim Spencer, Ron Stanfield, David Wallace, and Alice Woodyard for help RE history of the North American retriever hunt test movement.

Finally, we are grateful to Roy Bryant and Ty Daniels of SEVENtwentyfour, Inc. for testing Poodle History Project links with their special web-robot; and to everyone else--dog-lover Martha Buck of the Yale Center for British Art--winning-retriever-trialer John Batty of The National Trust for Scotland--who went out of their way to help with warm interest, careful thought, and extra input; and especially to Barb Davis and Jacqueline Harbour, who provided, with Xeroxes, an original core of material; Rebecca Mason, who, through marvellously- detailed correspondence, developed the editor's pet-owner perspective into one which is pet-Poodle-specific; Patrick Cain for contributing special knowledge about HTML web-master publishing; and Tom Cain for devotedly careful proofreading.

* Rosa Engler, Pudel (Cham, Switzerland: Muller, 1995) is the best new Poodle book. Lots of wonderful photographs of Poodles doing things. Even if you don't read German, you'll enjoy it using this English-language crib by Elizabeth Glew and proofread by Bryan Crow--and Rosa Engler herself. Easy way to order the book: send a $US20. bill and a legible return address to: Rosa Engler, Baiergasse 47, CH-4126 Bettingen/BS, SWITZERLAND. This crib is also linked to our INDEX/index section.

The headpiece for this section is a postcard ca 1900.

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