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  • Julchen vom Jahn-Schlössle, a small brown Standard Poodle, owned and trained by Mrs. Telkamp of Heidelberg, Germany flew (if we can believe photos of her jumping!) away with her Schutzhundeprüfung III title in 1973, and along with it came top honours: Besten Schäferhunde (Best Shepherd!) when she won the travelling trophy for the third time and the German Shepherd Dog Club gave her mistress their club's Dog Trainer award.
  • The brown "Dwarf Poodle" (FCI size: 28-35 cm--approximately 11-14 inches) Cilla vom Elfenblick (SHSB 111.502) b. 4/11/61, owned by Miss L. Läubli, of Luzern (Lucerne), Switzerland (now the judge Lisbeth Mach-Läubli) achieved her Schutzhund I title in 1968; she took third place, surrounded by German Shepherd Dogs. Rosa Engler, Pudel (Cham, Switzerland: Muller, 1995), p. 81, and copies of test results, etc.

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