rare 19th century magazines

Partial list of 19th century magazines some of which contain references to Poodles

American Agriculturist, of course, and also:

American Cultivator
Boston, MA, George B. James, American Cultivator Publishing Co., 1876-1915
Agriculture -- US -- Newspapers; alt. title, New England rural home, Massachusetts ploughman, New England journal of agriculture.

American Fancier and stock-keeper
Boston, MA, 1889-
Pets; Dog; Poultry; Pigeons -- periodicals

American Field; Field & Stream; Field; Chicago Field
Vol. 1, no. 1 was published 21 February 1874.
Chicago, American Field Pub. Co.; Chicago, Field and Stream Association.
Incidentally, the AKC owns 1880 to present except 1882
Hunting-- periodicals

The American stock-keeper; devoted to dogs, poultry, pigeons, and pet stock
Boston, MA, 1889-1913
Dogs; Poultry; Pigeons; Pets -- periodicals

The Dog; an illustrated international fortnightly
Philadelphia, 1902-

Dogdom; an illustrated monthly dog magazine
Battle Creek, MI, Dogdom publishing company, 1900-1941

The Dog Fancier
Battle Creek, MI, 1902-1936
(There's also an English magazine of the same name published at least in the 1950's.)

The Dog Owners' Annual
London, Dean & Son, [1890-]

Dogs in America
New York [The Oceanic publishing co.] 19

The Fanciers' journal and sportsmen's chronicle
Philadelphia [Fanciers' publishing co.] 18
Dog--periodicals; Poultry--periodicals; Pigeons--periodicals
(Also see, Familiar Science and fancier's journal, LC call #: SF481.F18.)

Field and fancy, later title: Popular Dogs (after 1928)
at least 1901-1907
Dogs -- periodicals

Forest and Stream
New York, Forest and Stream publishing co. 1873-1930
Hunting; fishing; outdoor life; sports -- periodicals.

The Ladies' Kennel Journal
(English) at least 1897-1900.

Turf, field and farm; alternate title: Sportsman's oracle and country gentlemen's newspaper
New York, Turf, Field and Farm Association, 1865-1865 yet v. 15, no. 1 was published July 5, 1872
Agriculture; Horse-racing--periodicals

The Library of Congress' online catalogue, combined with the World Catalogue, will enable you to amplify this list, and will tell you where individual issues may be found; then all you'll need is lots of Air Miles and plenty of stamina!

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